Vladimir Vysotsky’s House of Creativity

Krasnodar region

Contact information

Krasnodar, Babushkina ul., building 295

Tel.: +7 (861) 212-50-95

E-mail: mir.v_vysotskii@mail.ru


Operating hours

Daily from 10:00 to 20:00 (excluding holidays and weekends)

Ticket price

Free admission

Museum founder (owner/director)

Mikhail Leonidovich Serdyukov



About museum

The creation idea belongs to the head of the Walk of Russian Glory project, creator of the V. Vysotsky’s House of Creativity M. L. Serdyukov.

For visitors, there are theatrical, musical, and poetical excursions, the South-Russian Silver of Words creative association of the Writers’ Union of Russia, bard song clubs, and a theater workshop.

Kuban writers and poets, musicians and performers, and creative intelligentsia of different ages gather here. Free microphone concerts, presentations of books and CDs, recitals, and performances are held.

Within the framework of the Youth for Youth project, students perform in front of their peers from other educational institutions.

A music and poetry marathon is held during poet’s memory days (July 25 and January 25) as part of the city Poetry Day.

The Life and Work of V. Vysotsky exposition includes the following sections: Childhood, Youth, Bolshoi Karetny (gifts by V. Zolotukhin: photos from the Master of the Taiga film shooting, the book All as a sacrifice to your memory … with a dedication, etc.); Vysotsky and totalitarian regime (gifts from V. Tumanov and L. Monchinsky, including about 60 photos on the disk about the stay of V. Vysotsky at the miners of the gold-mining artel Lena); Vysotsky and the Taganka Theater (gifts from N.L. Dupak: a death mask and a samizdat collection of poetry, albums, and photo albums, etc.); War in life and work of Vysotsky (recording of Alice in Wonderland and other exhibits with gift inscriptions, autographs of the poet, a book by I. Vysotskaya “My brother Vladimir Vysotsky. At the Origins” with an autograph, climbing equipment of the Vertical film crew – a gift from the Vysotsky Museum in Tegenekli); photo of the poet and M. Vladi with her autograph; typewritten special edition of the wall newspaper of the Moscow KSP Minestrel, August-September 1980); a library, two lithographs by F. Konyukhov with autographs, books, and photos by V. Karetsky (organizer of the festival on the Volga), etc.

The military history of Russia is represented by the traveling exhibition Alexei and Alexandra Vysotsky (about the poet’s uncle and his wife, other heroes of the Great Patriotic War), as well as a complex of expositions dedicated to the legendary escape of pilot Mikhail Devyatayev and nine prisoners on the enemy plane Heinkel-111 from the secret base Peenemünde on the island of Usedom, where tests of the secret weapons FAU-1 and FAU-2 took place.

An exhibition is dedicated to an undeservedly forgotten hero of the Great Patriotic War – Lieutenant Alexei Prokofievich Berest, who negotiated the surrender of the fascist troops and carried the Victory Banner installed over the Reichstag on his shoulders, literally and figuratively.

The exposition of three more halls shows by means of painting the history of the Patriotic War of 1812 and the liberation campaign of the Russian army in 1813-1814. And the last exhibition is dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. These exhibitions are located in an area of 350 square meters.

The area of the entire House of Creativity is 700 square meters. There are about 1000 units in the fund, including memorials.