Museum of Soviet Childhood

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow Region, Sergiev Posad, ul. Karl Marx, building 7

Tel.: +7 (977) 474-16-97


Operating hours

Monday-Sunday: from 10:00 to 19:00

Ticket price

Adult – 400 rubles

Children – 300 rubles

Children under 5 years old – free

Director of the museum

Olesya Sergeevna Zhiltsova

The founder of the museum

Semyon Aleksandrovich Zhiltsov



About museum

The museum of Soviet childhood is dedicated to the toys and childhood symbols that are familiar to every Soviet child: dolls, tumblers, metal cars, pedal transport, diafilms, and many other things. The authors of the idea are Semyon Alexandrovich and Olesya Sergeevna Zhiltsovy. “Five years ago, the children asked me what toys I played with in my childhood. Then we began to sort things out in my apartment and look for our toys; we literally immersed in nostalgic memories: we found a collection of postcards, board games, and also remembered our active street fun (rubber bands, classics, Cossacks – robbers game). So, I came up with the idea to make a collection of games, toys, and memorabilia items that surrounded the Soviet child.

The activities of the Museum of Soviet Childhood are aimed at preserving the toys of the Soviet period, studying the information about the toys and their manufacturers, and understanding the influence of toys on children’s upbringing. The main goal of the museum is Patriotic education of young people through the demonstration of the toys that were made in the enterprises and factories of our homeland.

The museum staff conducts school and individual tours, masterclasses, and clubs. On interactive tours, where you can hold the exhibits in your hands, children will learn more about how their parents spent their free time in their childhood, when there was no Internet, mobile phones, or social networks. The museum’s fund is still being replenished with exhibits, purchased by the museum owners and donated by visitors.