The TypeWriter Museum

Moscow Oblast

Contact information

Moscow Region, Krasnogorsk

Tel.: +7 (903) 558-02-50


Operating hours

By appointment

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Founder of the museum

Maksim Egorovich Suravegin



About museum

The creator of the museum is private collector Maksim Egorovich Suravegin. There are museums of typewriters in many countries of the world. The interest in typewriters is being revived.

The museum’s exposition includes typewriters from the time the first printing typewriters appeared in 1874 to the last mechanical machines from the 1970s-1980s, and shows the development of printing machines in the world.

The museum also features historic typewriters. Sometimes you think – if only they could talk…

For example, here is a typewriter, which was in the French embassy before the revolution, and then appeared in the NKVD. And here is the Erika machine, which was specially made for immigrants.