Gogolev Museum

Republic of Karelia

Contact information

Republic of Karelia, Sortalava, ul.Komsomolskaya, building 6

Tel.: +7 (814) 304-56-75

E-mail: gogolev.art@yandex.ru


Operating hours


May: from 10:00 to 17:00

June, July, August: from 10:00 to 20:00

September: from 10:00 to 17:00

October-April: from 12:00 to 17:00

Ticket price

Full ticket (the first and second floors, includes the exhibitions and workshops) – 300 rubles.

Full ticket (the first floor) – 200 rubles.

Discounted ticket (the first and second floors, includes exhibitions and workshops) – children 7-18 years old, students, other privileged categories of citizens – 150 rubles.

Discounted ticket (the first floor) – children 7-18 years old, students, other privileged categories of citizens – 100 rubles.

Family ticket – 500 rubles.

Open creative workshops (Ul.Komsomolskaya, building 6A)

More information can be found on the site: artgogolev.ru

Guided tours are available by appointment.

Groups up to 10 people – 500 rubles, groups of more than 10 people – 1000 rubles.

Founder of the museum

Kronid Alexandrovich Gogolev, People’s Artist of Russia

Owner and director of the museum

Maria Kronidovna Gogoleva



About museum

The idea of opening the museum was realized by the artist’s daughter, Maria Gogoleva, after the death of her father. The non-profit organization was founded and registered on the 21st of January, 2014.

The Kronid Gogolev charitable foundation’s main goal is to preserve, study and promote the creative heritage of the People’s Artist of Russia, Kronid Gogolev.

Gogolev Museum is located in an old building which was constructed in Finland in 1904 and donated by the city authorities. In this building, a former trading house, a permanent exhibition of sculptural reliefs was placed, which was gradually supplemented, as well as the paintings and graphics of the master. The museum was founded in 1989, initially as an exhibition hall with a permanent exhibition of works by Kronid Gogolev, and it has been presenting the unique collection of his works for almost 30 years. The artist’s workshop has also been located there for a long time.

Kronid Gogolev was an outstanding citizen of Sortavala; a professional artist who worked in the rare technique of sculptural relief, and who is famous throughout the world. The main part of the works which are on display – sculptural reliefs in wood, paintings, and graphics of the author – are presented to the audience. The topic of the Russian North, the “Kalevala” epic, the expressive Karelian nature, and ordinary people, their lives and holidays, are vividly reflected in his work.