Grant competition-2020 (first stage) – Private Museums of Russia

Grant competition-2020 (first stage)

  • Grantmaker
    Sinara Charity Fund
  • Application Start Date
  • Application Deadline
  • Type of grantmaker
    Nonprofit Organizations
  • Maximum grant size
    200 000 RUB
Grant NameGrant competition-2020 (first stage)
Line of business Architecture
Fine art
Folk art
Choreographic art
Other (related industries of culture and art)
Other (does not apply to the branch of culture and art)
Target audience Not specified
Applicant category Nonprofit Organizations
Financial source Private funds
Total amount Not specified
Grant level 200 000 RUB
Support Areas / Competition Nominations

– “Cultural heritage”: the promotion of classical art, support of spiritual heritage, restoration  of architectural monuments of historical heritage;

– “Hard nut”: the support for the activities of non-governmental organizations to promote physical culture  and sports, the formation of a healthy lifestyle among children, adolescents and young people;

– “Life without borders”: the support for the activities of non-governmental organizations, aimed at providing medical, psychological and pedagogical assistance to the children in need of special education care;

– “The Way Home”: support for the activities of non-governmental organizations in the prevention of social  orphanhood, to attract the attention of civil society to the topic of abandoned children and children, left without parental care;

– “Believe in the dream!”: support for the activities of NGOs, aimed at the education and career guidance for the children under 18. Priority direction – additional classes in educational institutions;

– “Native spaces”: support for the activities of non-governmental organizations, aimed at solving environmental problems on environmental protection, formation of environmental culture of citizens, improvement of socially significant objects of localities in the Sverdlovsk region, increasing of tourist attractiveness and well-being of territories, local history.

Region (s) Volgograd region
Orenburg region
Rostov region
Sverdlovsk region
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Contact details of the contest organizer +7 (343) 310-33-00
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