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Russian private museums take part in the all-Russian action “Museum Night”

This year, due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, all the events of the Museum Night will be held in an online format. As part of the action, many live broadcasts of excursions, online exhibitions, lectures and master classes will take place. The action will take place on May 16. We suggest you familiarize yourself with some of them in our digest.

The Museum Night action in the Vladimir Spoon Museum

This year the main theme of the action is “Symbols”. Museum workers chose the most tender, most spring, most mysterious floral symbols. A A master class on making flower arrangements from spoons from the craftswoman Polina Panina waits for the online visitors of the VKontakte group of the museum at 17:00. And anyone who is interested in history, geography, and flora and just loves beautiful objects should not miss the online lecture-tour of the museum’s founder, collector Tatyana Pikunova about flower symbols on spoons, which is scheduled to start at 19:00. Immediately after the lecture, an online quiz with prizes for the most attentive will take place. Well, and what is a night without a fairy tale? At 20:00 everyone will be able to listen to the tale of a girl who was born on a wonderful flower … yes, of course, about Thumbelina, and of course, you will be able to see the masterpieces of Nicholas Guiche made from tin and wonderful illustrations by member of the Union of Artists of Russia Y.K. Tkachev. Tales are written on spoons, naturally.

Museum Night at the Emalis Museum

For the Emalis museum and the Enamel Art Center, the theme of the current Museum Night campaign reveals one of the most interesting sacraments that takes place at every international symposium on hot enamel!

All participants of the symposium are involved in this sacrament, and they themselves until the last moment do not know what symbol they create!

The Emalis Museum is waiting for everyone on its Instagram @ emalis.museum profile at 19:00 live! For the first time, an online tour will be led by the creator of the Emalis museum and the Center, People’s Artist of Russia, president of the Russian branch of the International Association of Enamel Artists CKI Alexander Karikh.

Museum Night at the Falconry Museum

Every night, the exhibits of the Falconry Museum come to life. And various unusual things begin to happen there. At this time, no one dares to go there alone.

But only one night of the year, on a special #museumnight, the night director Naphanya invites everyone to his mysterious world. Will you take advantage of his invitation? Then keep a schedule of online activities:⠀⠀

16:00 Live on Instagram: a meeting for the whole family with the inhabitants of the center.⠀

17:00 Premiere on the Youtube channel.⠀

18:00 Live on Instagram: “Museum Night” – Owl stories.

Khabarovsk The World of Talking Machines Museum participates in the Museum Night

The World of Talking Machines Museum from Khabarovsk will take part in the all-Russian campaign Museum Night. At 20:00 local time (13:00 Moscow time) on the museum’s page on Instagram, a virtual tour “LIGHT and SOUND” will begin.⠀

Special guest of the Night is the famous TV presenter and blogger Valentina Oleksenko @valentina_oleksenko. Caring mom influencer, selfmade girl with many years of experience in the media field will try gadgets of the XIX century on herself. ⠀

With Valentina and her charming daughter Lisa, you will be transported to the 19th century, when photographs were developed on glass, and music was recorded on wax.⠀

Two exciting experiments await you:


You will be able to get acquainted with the creation of photography in the technique of “ambrotypia”. Ambrotypia is a technology for the developing of a silver image on a glass plate. The equipment with which the photographer works corresponds to the historical era of the process: cameras and lenses are more than 100 years old.⠀

The session will be held by Vadim Kurik @vadim_kurik,  a well-known photographer, participant in Russian and international photo associations and exhibitions. Vadim is the only photographer in the Far East who actively shoots in the 1851 “ambrotype” technique.⠀


More than 140 years ago, a man first heard his voice from the outside: Thomas Edison showed the first recording and reproducing device, a phonograph. After that, the sound recording experienced a rapid development: from gramophones at the cost of a small house to native front-line gramophones, raising the morale of soldiers in the war.⠀

At this time, special for the whole world and unique for museums, the Museum of the Talking Machines Museum will demonstrate the magic of turning light into a photograph and include for you the sounds of a bygone century.

World Memorial Culture Museum invites you to take part in the action

At 19:00, the Museum invites you to travel through the halls of the most unusual museum in Russia on the YouTube channel. youtube.com/funeralportal

The motto of the future event is “WE WILL LIVE!”. Indeed, no matter what, life goes on! Time passes, people are born and die, disasters and epidemics come, but life never stops. In the museum we often quote Leo Tolstoy: “All thoughts about death are necessary for life,” therefore the Museum of Death is a museum for life! So – WE WILL LIVE!

Museum workers have invited many guests to the broadcast. Within the stream will be held:

  • discussion of cryonics issues with Valeria Udalova, leader of the transhumanism movement in Russia, president of Kriorus;
  • reflections on the correct grief with the psychotherapist Igor Lyakh;
  • a story about embalming with forensic expert Alexei Reshetun;
  •  a conversation about esotericism with Timofei Rudenko, the winner of the 19th Battle of Psychics, as well as about psychology with publicist Tamerlan Zanikov, an expert on TV channels Russia 24, Channel One, NTV, RBC, a member of the Union of Consulting Psychologists and Psychotherapists, and much more.

Do you still doubt how to spend Saturday night? We Will Live!

The Typewriter Museum takes part in the “Night at the Museum”

At 18:00, as part of the online broadcast, visitors will be able to learn a lot of useful and interesting things about typewriters from around the world, from creating the first typewriter to putting them into use. Particular attention will be paid to the historical typewriters that were used during the Second World War.

Museum night at the Ural Energy Museum

As part of the annual campaign, two online tours will be held at the Yekaterinburg Ural Energy Museum.

At 11:00 local time (at 9:00 Moscow time), an online tour of the exposition will be held here, which presents the history of the Ural energy industry from water wheels, “Ilyich’s bulbs” to the present.

The main emphasis will be placed on the implementation of the famous plan for State Electrification of Russia (GOELRO) in the 1920–1930s and the situation of the Urals energy sector during the war years 1941–1945.

In the exposition section “Energy is for the front!” you can see unique exhibits from the thematic and personal funds of the Ural power engineers: “Reichstag souvenir”, a cast-iron decorative petal that used to decorate the Reichstag fireplace mantel, a small accordion of the German company Lipia, brought as a trophy from Berlin by a Sverdlovsk front-line power engineer, radio station A -7-A 1945, a US military telephone and other interesting artifacts.

At 19:00 local time (17:00 Moscow time), the Ural Energy Museum invites everyone to participate in fascinating experiments in the museum’s Electric Laboratory. Here you can watch the launch of the current prototype of a real mini-power plant, see how an electric arc is formed on an electrophore machine and a “live” electrical circuit is created. The protagonist of the laboratory will be the Van de Graaff electrostatic generator, which creates an amazing effect of hair standing on ends. And an electric quiz will help test your knowledge of electrical safety and get an “admission” to experiments.

Details on the museum website: www.musen.ru

The Kostroma Cheese Museum is also participating in the Russian Museum Night campaign

On the museum’s Instagram page at 20:00 live, online workshops will be held on making cheese rolls and chocolate fondue, as well as an online quiz on the most “cheese” topics. The main prize is the head of cheese, a symbol of the Museum Night in the Kostroma Museum of Cheese.

Moscow Lights Museum takes part in the Museum Night

On May 16, from 21:00 to 23:00, the Moscow Lights Museum on its Instagram page @ogni_mos will provide its visitors with the opportunity to see how vintage lanterns and lamps spend their time on self-isolation when the museums are empty and the visitors’ voices are not heard in the museum. Museum Director Natalya Potapova will talk about unusual interesting exhibits, hold a master class on manufacturing incandescent lamps. You can also climb into the attic of the old chambers in which the museum is located and watch from the roof of the building at the Armenian Pereulok.

The Moscow Lights Museum also invites you to join the In the Old World virtual flash mob.

Lighting engineering until the mid-19th century developed slowly. 150 years ago, on moonlit nights in Moscow, lighting was not organized. Gradually, man changed the divine routine, turning night into day. Today we can no longer see the starry sky in large cities. Tomorrow is “NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM”. The museum offers to hold it in the old world: to sit with the dim flickering of a candle, a kerosene lamp. Maybe you still have your grandmother’s lampshade? It is interesting to know what antiques have been preserved in your home. Take a photo, imagining how your great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers could spend the evenings earlier by candlelight or lamp, and lay it out with the hashtag #intheoldworld, #oldlamps #oldlamps #moscowlightsmuseum.

The Snow Maiden Fashion Museum participates in the Russian Museum Night campaign

May 16 at 19:00 on pages on Instagram and VK you can look into the wardrobe of the Snow Maiden and see what kind of outfits are stored there and what style is preferred by Snow Maiden fashionista!

The machine tool museum also joins the action “Museum Night – 2020” and invites you to an online quest

At 20:00 on the social networks of the Octave cluster, access to the online quest will appear. As you know, the museum communicates with visitors using multimedia, talking about the technical development of Tula, Russia and the world.

Therefore, the main online evening travel guide is the museum itself. Together with the mediators you will go through a variety of tasks and virtually spend time in the Machine Tool Museum.

Even the youngest participants will be able to solve the quest, and invitation tickets will be waiting for the winners as a prize.

We are waiting for you, get connected!

Museum Night at the Donkeys’ Planet Museum

This year is special for many reasons! But the main event is the 75th anniversary of the Victory over fascism. The Donkeys’ Planet Museum of invites you to a live tour, which will take place on May 16, 2020 at 19:00 on the Instagram page @planeta_oslikov_temruk.

As part of the tour, you can see the museum itself, as well as learn about the role of a simple donkey in the conduct of hostilities and the science of “Winning”, about the names of famous donkeys.

Museum Night at the Bulgakov House Museum and Theater

Especially for the Museum Night, for the first time, access to the full recording of the online concert “Memory” broadcast will be open on the official youtube channel of the Bulgakov House Museum and Theater, as well on the site dombulgakova.ru.

In the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, the actors of the Bulgakov Theater chose and performed the most significant texts for them about the war: front letters, poems of poets who went throught the war, songs of the war years. An online concert with the participation of the theater and cinema stars was created specifically for the significant date, and the participants: Ekaterina Klimova, Sergey Aldonin, Ekaterina Volkova, Philip Bledny, Maria Ivaschenko, Andrey Kurnosov, Yaroslav Zhalnin, Yegor Salnikov and other theater and film actors . The full recording of the broadcast will be available for the first time.