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The Museum of Soviet childhood opened a new hall of educational and professionally oriented games

The need to create an additional hall was dictated by the presence of many toys in the collection of this field, as well as the wishes of our guests.

“We have created a special place in the museum space, where you can not only hear the information and see the exhibit, but also hold the exhibit in your hand and plunge into the children’s world of creative creativity,”- says Olesya Zhiltsova, the director of the museum.

Let’s take a trip around the hall and learn more about the exhibits. The starting point is a rack with the constructors. “I’m my mother’s engineer” – a joke that has a scientifically proven basis. Real constructors were designed so that the child could work at his own pace, and not blindly follow a template, so that he develops the ability to math and logical thinking. The work with fine motor skills of the hands playes an important role.

Please, note that on the shelves of our museum there are the whole treasures: “School”, “Youth” metal constructors. Construction as a form of preparation for school and for the study of technical subjects was carried out both at home and at special lessons in primary school.

Older boys and girls were interested in the constructors of a narrow special orientation, just take a look: “Young Technician”, “Young Electrician and Electronics”, “Aircraft Designer”, “Optical Laboratory” and “Young Chemist’s Tools”. This is only a small part of the variety of constructors that were produced in the USSR for children.

Such sets can be attributed to the  games with a professional bias. The “The Young Carpenter”, the “Young Carpenter” sets, sets for burning, embossing and engraving are also mentioned.

Let’s go to the glass shelf. Here we have a wide range of logic games. They were perfect for individual games, as well as for interesting activities with friends and family, like:  “Rubik’s Сube”, “Snake”, “Tag”, “Mazes”, puzzles of various degrees of complexity, lotto, dominoes, checkers, chess–of course, you want to try everything and spin, assemble and disassemble.

Much attention was paid to the aesthetic development and upbringing of children, so the exhibition presents the musical instruments. Children were taught to play them and learn musical notation and literacy. Parents thought, whether to send their child to a music school.

A whole layer of games and toys that pass directly to the professional transfer of knowledge, skills and abilities to teenagers and young people is represented in the Museumof Soviet Childhood by the models of aircraft, Pioneer Railways, models of photo and video equipment.

In the circles of additional education, students were engaged in modeling, creativity and preparing for the future choice of profession.

We will finish our journey through the hall at the shelves with board games. Nowadays, this type of entertainment with training is again gaining popularity. The games were notable for the interaction of the players, the genre and subject matter. Therefore, a child of any age could participate in an exciting gambling and developmental game.

Once again, we offer our guests to try their best  at table battles of the Soviet period. In conclusion, we would like to remind you that the game is a free game, natural form of immersion in real (or imaginary) reality for the purpose of studying it, showing your own “I”, creativity, activity, independence, self-realization. Play by yourself, play with children, let the children play games that will help them to develop their skills.