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The Victory Arms Museum held a series of interactive lectures

At the end of September, as part of the Green city project, residents of the Pushkin city district learned soldier’s science at two sites – the Eldigino village House of culture and the Pushkin forestry technical school. Yuri Gorshkov, a reenactor of military events of the Great Patriotic War, who presented an interactive lecture “Arms of Victory”, helped the visitors in this.

Yuri is a collector and organizer of a private museum that contains overcoats, tunics, and gramophones, but most of the collection is occupied by weapon that Yuri applies in military reconstructions, as well as open school lessons and interactive meetings for fellow countrymen.

On September 26, Yuri Gorshkov showed part of his collection and told us what our great-grandfathers went on the attack with during the Great Patriotic War. At the end of the lesson, visitors could look at the weapon, touch it, and take a photo as a souvenir. All this is completely safe, weapons are prepared specifically for such events. Students, children and adults looked at the rarities with interest and picked them up. In an ordinary museum, all this is behind glass, and here not only is the unique exhibition itself came to the place, one can still see everything in the smallest detail and ask the owner of the collection about each item.

Adults and children left the event under a strong impression. “How strong and brave our great-grandfathers were during the war! In a peaceful life, they would seem quite  ordinary people, – shared the thoughts of one of the participants. – we must not forget about this. Never!” We express our gratitude to Yuri Gorshkov, who reminded us of the feat of our grandfathers and gave us the opportunity to hold the weapon of Victory in our hands.