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The goal of our project is to unite the owners of private museums, to open new horizons for cooperation for fruitful work and share the fruits of their activities. At the moment, our catalog contains information about 470 museums located in the Russian Federation. More than 700 are awaiting inclusion in the catalog.

Director of the Association of Private Museums of Russia
Shaburov A.



The new issue of the magazine “Private Museums of Russia” has been published

We are pleased to present to you the new issue of the “Private Museums of Russia” magazine. Despite the quarantine, caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the issue has been published, and this is certainly a welcome fact.


The list of doctors’ deaths due to the coronavirus, which is maintained by the Ministry of Health, includes 101 people

The Association of Private Museums of Russia staff and the Association director A. Shaburov personally express condolences to the relatives and friends of doctors who died from coronavirus. A deep bow and sincere gratitude to the doctors for their truly heroic work in the fight against the epidemic!


How to help private museums survive the effects of the pandemic: Alexey Shaburov shared his opinion with the Izvestia newspaper

The Association of Private Museums of Russia director calls on the authorities to send at least some signal that would convince private museums that the state needs them and has not forgotten about them


A new section has appeared on the website of the Association of Private Museums of Russia named Grants

A new section “Grants” has appeared on the Association of Private Museums of Russia website, which publishes information on private museums that have received financial support  in the form of grants at various times, as well as an up-to-date list of grants and competitions which private museums can take part in.


The Museum of Soviet childhood opened a new hall of educational and professionally oriented games

The need to create an additional hall was dictated by the presence of many toys in the collection of this field, as well as the wishes of our guests.


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