Private Museums of Russia


The goal of our project is to unite the owners of private museums, to open new horizons for cooperation for fruitful work and share the fruits of their activities. At the moment, our catalog contains information about 470 museums located in the Russian Federation. More than 700 are awaiting inclusion in the catalog.

Director of the Association of Private Museums of Russia
Shaburov A.



Is the jig over? The media supported the Gramophones Museum in St. Petersburg

The unique Gramophones and Phonographs Museum of V.I. Deryabkin, that found itself on the verge of survival after the pandemic, could be closed. One of the largest collections of musical devices in the world, which contains the rarest exhibits that belonged to the singer Fyodor Chaliapin, the director Konstantin Stanislavsky, the singer Nadezhda Plevitskaya, can be ruined by the bureaucracy.


Private Museums Register: Alexey Shaburov gave a detailed interview to Moskultura

Journalist, editor-in-chief of the Moskultura online publication Mikhail Bratsilo talked with the director of the Association of Private Museums of Russia Alexey Shaburov about the benefits of government participation in the activities of private museums.


The Association of Private Museums of Russia is looking forward to the decision of the city authorities to resume the activities of the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center

The funds received from the center’s congress and exhibition activities are used by the Association of Private Museums of Russia. At present, despite all the difficulties, the employees of the center, on the instructions of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, are working on the formation of the Register of non-state museums, and also continue to publish the Private museums of Russia catalog


#It’sAllRussia – the Courage-Bambey team visited the Khabarovsk private museum The World of Talking Machines

During the excursion, the presenter – actor Denis Kolesnikov spoke about the difficulties of the voice acting process today, about the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made in order to achieve the perfect silence. He recalled the story of how songs were recorded on the first gramophone records. At the end of the excursion, the travelers left a memorable entry in the guestbook.


The Association of Private Museums of Russia congratulates General Director of Gazprom-Media Radio Yuri Kostin on his birthday

Yuri Alekseevich was one of the first to support the Private Museums of Russia. Talents of Russia project , providing airtime on the Autoradio for posting information about a new private initiative.


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