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  • The second Exhibition “Private Museums of Russia. Talents of Russia” 2022

The second Exhibition “Private Museums of Russia. Talents of Russia” 2022

September 2-4, 2022

More than 100 private museums of the Russian Federation will exhibit their showpieces under one roof, allowing to demonstrate the whole diversity of unique and informative collections in the field of history, culture and art.

The second Exhibition “Private Museums of Russia. Talents of Russia” will give a unique opportunity:

— to present your museum and valuable exhibits in Moscow, to the public,

— to expand your audience from tourists to lovers of cultural values ​​and art,

— to present the crafts of your region for Muscovites and guests of the capital during the celebration of Moscow City Day,

— to meet with the founders and owners of other private museums,

— to listen to lectures by unique speakers from China and the UK, etc.

— to gain experience in effective projects of private museums and state museums,

— to share experience, raise pressing problems of private museums of the Russian regions with other museums,

— to get answers to questions in the field of law and finance, tourism business,

— to speak in the business program of the Exhibition and present your museum, introduce unique exhibits, including those located in the museum’s storerooms, and also voice the problems of your museum (only three museums will be selected on a competitive basis for presentation at the exhibition),

— to fill the excursion program of the exhibition and convey the cultural values ​​of your museum to the general public.

Project Thematic Groups:

— Ethnographic museums

— Military History Museums

— General History Museums

— Fine Art Museums

— Museums of History and Mode of Life

— Museums of Arts and Crafts

— Folk Art Museums

— Museums of Political History

— Natural Science Museums